Why does SEO have such a bad reputation?

27. August 2012
Many people don't know what SEO is, but those that do seem to give SEO a bad reputation. Many businesses think SEO is a waste of money. But why does SEO have such a bad reputation? [More]

Online Presence Is Necessary For Small Businesses

24. August 2012
A small business survey found that many small businesses value their website as their most effective marketing tool. They say that having an online presence is necessary for a small business. The study found that the web design for the business along with SEO was the best marketing strategy being used today. [More]

Keep Logo Designs Simple - Less is more!

20. July 2012
The best logos are simple designs that require no less than five seconds to identify. The longest lasting brands are those with simple logos. We have a few examples of simple logos vs more complex logos showing you why you shoudl keep your logo simple stupid! [More]

Are Facebook Ads Worth Having?

15. July 2012
Facebook has a great grip on the internet and the world, having 159.8 million unique visitors in June 2012 alone. But are Facebook ads worth having? [More]

'Bricks and Clicks' business model, the winning strategy?

13. July 2012
Businesses that adopt the bricks-and-clicks business model combine the advantages of having a physical store that customers can visit with the advantages of having a website selling their services/product. Are you missing out on online sales? [More]

Facebook is working on Social Commerce (the want button)

6. July 2012
That's right, Facebook won't make a dislike button, instead they are making a 'want button'. And it looks like Facebook is working on Social Commerce feature to work with the want button. How will Facebook seek to incorporate this social commerce want button? [More]

What makes a good business card?

2. July 2012
Business cards are one of the most overlooked of all business and marketing tools. Your business card reflects you and your business, so make sure it reflects well. So what makes a good business card? Read more to find out. [More]

5 Reasons Blogging is Still Important in 2012

2. July 2012
Is blogging is still important in 2012? Now we have Twitter, Facebook and other content sharing websites, do people even read blog anymore? We have written 5 reasons blogging is still important in 2012. There are many benefits to blogging. [More]

Website for Cardiff Based Window Cleaner

11. June 2012
I was approached by a small window cleaning company for a new website design. They know that the internet is a strong tool for advertisement and getting business. They had a website set-up already but it was poorly designed and un-optimised. [More]

New Website for Smith and Davies Construction

17. May 2012
Smith and Davies Construction are a Llantrisant based construction company. They came to Red King Design for website design and hosting. Red King was recommended to them from a previous client that is having great success with their website. [More]